Team Building

To thrive, a quality push must involve the enthusiasm of the entire team. As team leader, you must create the right energy boost for this to happen. Many aspects of team building can be addressed while high quality remains the main focus.

You must create the environment where each team member feels totally happy to express an idea or a problem and this can only be done if there is no fear of being incorrect. No idea is wrong, merely none optimal.

In each suggestion there is at least a small diamond to be found and someone should notice it and if possible, build upon it. Any behavior which seeks laughter at the expense of others must be eliminated.

One very effective method is to write down the ground rules and to display them as a constant reminder for everyone, something like:

  • all criticism must be friendly and constructive
  • all problems are our problems
  • BUGS WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE (but not for long)
  • if it saves time later, do it now

Another great method is to constantly talk about the team as the plural pronoun: “we decided”, “we will do this”, “and we’ll get back to you”.

This is extremely effective if it is used in conversation with outsiders (especially management) close to the team. Praise and reward the entire team. Get the team wider fame by a success story in an internal magazine or internal website.

It is extremely importantly that you enable failure. If the team is unable to try out ideas without room for any errors, then the room of their solutions will be severely limited.

Instead, a failure should be an opportunity to gain knowledge what is power and to praise any safe-guards which were included in the plan.

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