For the determined millionaire-minded!


Come learn the mind-set techniques self-made millionaires use to create and sustain peak performance.  

Some scary facts you may not know about your financial future:

Most South Africans do not have enough money to retire comfortably.

You need at least R 10 million ALREADY SAVED, to maintain a working-class lifestyle for your retirement.

Jobs are not enough and are on the decline, while many businesses continue to fail dismally.

The Mindset of a Millionaire

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, professional, student, or aspiring speaker determined to better your business, finances and career?

Attend the Mindset of a Millionaire event to learn effective paradigm shifting techniques, business strategies, inside knowledge, real estate solutions, and practical tactics to help you to 'act on your ideas so that you can achieve sensational results'.

Do you want to be successful? Successful people invest in, and develop, themselves through continuous learning. The Mindset of a Millionaire event is an opportunity to do just that.

During this event you will:

  • - Learn millionaire mindset techniques from local and international business coaches and speakers;
    • - Break through and overcome the mental challenges that are blocking the success you want and deserve;
      • - Get an opportunity to launch your speaking career on stage; and
      • - Network and connect with like-minded, success-driven people!

The truth is that there are boundless opportunities for you to be a millionaire!

Why have you not yet become the millionaire you know you can be? 

Why are you struggling to achieve the success you want?

Why is it that you keep trying - but you just don't seem to achieve the results?

What is the difference between you and the millionaires who've already achieved their self-made success?

Here is the answer: 

Self-made millionaires use proven, scientific, and strategic methods for peak performance.

These methods also reinforce their focus and discipline to remain goal-driven and to sustain their peak performance levels.

Attend the Mindset of a Millionaire event on July 21,  2018, where you will learn scientifically-based methods of how you can:

  • - Conquer self-sabotage.
  • - Crush your self-limiting beliefs.
  • - Control your attitude and mental state.
  • - Reset your mind for success.
  • - Channel a goal-driven mindset.
  • - Overcome your scarcity mentality and have an abundance millionaire mindset.



Alexander Evengroen is one of the premier speakers on Success, Leadership and Personal Mastery. As World's #1 Success Coach, Alexander has the rare ability to electrify an audience yet deliver uncommonly original and useful insights that lead to individuals doing their best work, teams providing superb results and organizations becoming unbeatable."

His philosophy" and "His vision" is to change the way people think. The way they look at challenges and how to solve the problems in to solutions. It all starts with that one person…..YOU.

He has been referred to as an Entrepreneur, Solutions Strategist, Public Speaker, Success Coach, Author, Mentor, can use whatever label you wish. His purpose in life is, “To Aid Others, Act on Ideas, and Achieve Sensational Results. He will help you move forward and change people's mindset.

What made him start doing what he does so well? Many years back he saw people struggling and being depressed over rather easy to solve issues.

After talking to thousands of people and listening to what they were looking for he created a way that can be learned and implemented by all. Young, old, poor, rich…..all.
The only thing we ask from you is this…..Take that first step!
Alex is a Success Coach with over 20+ years of experience in training government people, Top management of Fortune 500 companies, TV stars, many SME’s as well as the general public from all over the world.

He worked and lived in more than 50 countries and is now located in South East Asia for the last few years but still traveling the globe regularly to give Success Coaching events.
Many people connect with Alex to take a look at their business or personal life with a different set of glasses. His intention is to find the Uncommon where others see the Common, by filtering in versus filtering out. Alex is here to serve, and if he can't help, he will point you in the direction of someone who can!



KK Diaz is a business coach, 3X published author and speaker. He currently serves as CEO of A-Game Business Consulting, a business coaching consultancy that helps business people overcome their challenges as well as to achieve sustainable growth.

He is a business strategist and also facilitates Mindset Change as well as Leadership Development programs to help companies create a culture of positive, passionate people, who can adapt and thrive in times of rapid change & challenge.



Pamela Niemand complete what defines real Hospitality, generated by years of business experience in excellent service levels and setting the trends in the Apartment Hotel Hospitality Industry.Her joining forces with The Waldorf in Rivonia Road in 2001 was the beginning of an amazing future in this new Apartment Hotel concept in South Africa, yet well-known and established across the World. The Waldorf as the second apartment hotel in South Africa,



Petrus has from an early stage in his life been a leader as well as a go-geter. His passion for success and public speaking began at a mere age of just 15 were he spoke in front of 5000 people and was announced by then one of the top MLM leaders in the world as the "Born Leader"

With minimum Education Petrus at the age 20 found himself working for one of the top 100 companies in South Africa and quickly worked his way up. Petrus started a number of successful companies in his 20s and found himself financially strong by the age of 30.

Through his struggles in life and overcoming Drugs, Prescribed Drugs and Alcohol addiction and also the lack of education, Petrus has really inspired many individuals as well as coached many young and successful entrepreneurs and still continues to serve and Coach with amazing results.

Petrus is a passionate individual that loves to serve and teach. He has a passion for people never seen before and is always willing to help and share his knowledge.

Petrus has also been through the pain and struggles of losing his businesses and "Hit Rock Bottom" This is where Petrus has earned the most respect and earned his title as "The Reset Couch" He has managed to pull himself up and dust himself off not once but 3 times in his career and he is now on a mission to share his story and teach people that absolutely nothing is worth giving up and nothing is impossible!

Petrus is a highly passionate and extremely strong minded individual with amazing leadership, couching and people skills.
When it comes to sales and marketing strategies he is a genius and absolutely unstoppable, he couches entrepreneurs, CEO's and sales managers to reach their full potential and to stand out above the rest.

Petrus has extensive knowledge in the field of body language, mindset, reset your life, business, self-confidence and self-development.